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Man means mind and tra translates as to free or protect, therefore mantras are an effective way to release tension, create calm and focus the mind. They can also be used for healing and wellbeing. They harness positive energies into one’s life and dispel negativities. Sanskrit mantras can support all areas of life- health, wealth, love, happiness and wellbeing. The powerful energy of sound vibration has been known to shatter glass, move objects, heal the body and focus the mind. Mantras are Sanskrit phrases which when pronounced correctly unleash concentrated vibrations with specific effects.

  • mantra for peace (om namah zivAya)
  • mantra for peace (om nArAyaNAya namaH)
  • mantra for beauty, wealth and charm (rUpam...)
  • mantra for health (dhanvantari mantra)
  • mantra for wisdom (sarasvati +
  • mantra for harmony (vakratunda..
  • mantra for success (gajananam bhuta gana..)

How to use the above mantras?
Listen to the chosen mantra/s daily for 108 times, for a period of 41 days along with precise visualisation about wha you really want to achieve

Omniscient Aum